It is a truth universally acknowledged that anyone can run a website and this is no exception.  This domain has been around for a while and has endured many half arsed attempts at making something happen with it.
Once more it is time for me to crack the whip and get on with it.  My vision for this site has been to share. A place for me to talk about all the awesome and amazing shit going on in Melbourne. I want to use this site as a place to help promote some incredible talent through interviews, reviews, and whatever other way takes my fancy on any given day.


Nat is a modern day pole dancing pirate (who would’ve been a wench in true pirate times) who goes by the name of B-Porn; rocking out in her micro-fibre lace ups, short skirts and hot pink hair. She is a vegan due to her love of animals and hate of plants, wont eat anything unless it’s a side dish or made of potato! She is your own killer personal movie and celebrity knowledge database and video library to boot. She’s a teacher, a lurver, a comedian, a tripper who will kick your arse if you try to snuggle.
(by Jes Maya)

(photo by Michelle Grace Hunder)