Sabina Turner – Alternative Women’s Fitness

Chatting to the awesome and inspiring Sabina Turner about Alternative Women’s Fitness.
What is AWF and how did it come about?

Alternative Women’s Fitness started out of frustration, I loved playing netball and hanging with my girls weekly, but after playing for over 20 years – injuries and impact on my body was taking it’s toll!
Thought I’ld give the gym thing ago… a few gyms, many made me feel SO uncomfortable, the vibe, people staring, crap commercial radio drowning my ears with rubbish – many times I left gyms before I even started my workout because i felt so weirded out. Often crying – about how poorly mistreated I felt.

Starting AWF is a result from dearly missing the team vibe from many years playing netty and my strong desire to never feel that sick when working out again, I knew – There was no way I was the only one that felt this way.

After checking in with my dear Friend Phoebe (and fellow Capricorn), the front woman of a well known Melbourne Heavy rock band, She was totally supportive and into the concept, and still the fierce female ‘face’ of what we do!

Creating a timetable of sessions for women that could come workout with likeminded peeps to great tunes, sounded like the ultimate, So, in April 2012, I hired a bar/ band venue in Thornbury – 3 nights a week… and that’s where it all started!

What’s in store for this year?

Well this year has started off a bit bumpy – due to the heat and many of us still in ‘holiday mode’
Our Feb launch is shaping up to be a beauty, we’ve landed an additional Preston location – where we will also trial for the FIRST TIME EVER an 8 week CO-ED class. Many fellas have been grumpy with me for not doing this earlier. We are stoked to be able to offer this on our timetable now – adds a new element of excitement to this project.

What obstacles have you faced and overcome to bring your dream alive?

Firstly, OMG, – I know ‘they’ say you learn from mistakes, blah blah, but let me tell you – SO many things are often out of your hands. Like power failures, black outs, Venues closing down at a moments notice, SO many dramas, My only regret is not recording them from the very beginning, it would have made a tasty tail of WTF – serious!

The next obstacle is managing my time, I’ve often joked about AWF being an excessive hobbie, well that’s the total truth. Trying to manage my time around a full time career is a massive task! I’ve gained some big fans since starting this project and have many crew members that are so invaluable to this project; these girls are more than crew members – often miracle workers – helping at a moments notice, purely because they are equally as passionate about what we do! So finally, I have my team back – where it all started for me in grade 3 – playing netty with my mates, its a gradual struggle but I’m learning to pass the ball every now and then and found out pretty hard ‘n’ fast, by being a ball hog you get nowhere. Hanging with likeminded women – sharing the journey is more enjoyable than doing it all on your own!

What inspires you to continue to do so?

I’ll expand on the above, my girls and meeting amazing people along the way – this is what brings the dream alive, providing a landing pad for these amazing gals to start off and for many – come out of their shell, because they feel comfortable, It’s not always about working out rather, being comfortable and have fun, meet amazing likeminded women, making friends, building an empire of amazing people that can inspire or teach, hanging with rad women inspires new things and brews amazing creative energies! Sounds like a bunch of bull, but its true.

Can you please tell me more about the sessions on offer?

Well firstly – we are a gym alternative – so we try to offer sessions that are different, unique.
We run on 8 week (or less) timetable throughout the year.
Session sizes are never (very rarely) over booked. So everyone receives more time with the trainer.
The session choices will always vary pending venue hire availability, trainer availability, the time of year etc.
We try our hardest to keep some consistency, but often stuff is out of my hands,
We find THE BEST trainers, they LOVE what they do! This is the strong focus, all the others stuff we provide is just a bonus.

Where can I find out more information on AWF and how do I book into a class?

We have a website that is hand made by me, (hahaha) so you can check that out,
Bookings are essential and are done via email to me; this is so we don’t overbook, and so we can better cater for the session size
also I like to try and meet all the girls, at least on email if i can’t get out to all the sessions.
Also, a great way to stay ‘in the loop’ is via Facey or gram.

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