Aya Bliss – Sacred Geometry Expressionist

Aya Bliss is a talented artist who shares her views beautifully and majestically. Her enthusiasm for her craft is exhilarating and I am always fascinated by her creations

Aya BlissAya Bliss - Sacred GeometryWhat does sacred geometry mean to you?

All life, when viewed in it’s natural state runs on a series of patterns, cycles or tides. There is a finite, perfect balance that thrives within the basic structure of existence. It lies within all things and when you strip back the veil of uncertainty and fear, life radiates this balanced perfection and beauty. As artists, we strive to capture and express what we feel within, our view of our world.

For me sacred geometry is the closest creative expression of that incredible balanced state of earthly experience. Every line and shape within each overall design tells a part of that grand story – a story made up of the balanced polarities within life. Light and dark, high and low, in and out.

For me these symbols hold an expression of the experience of life as a ‘whole’. They represent the calm peace and the wild storms of the bigger picture, why we are here, what we are here to do and how it all works together all combined into one vision of perfect synchronicity.

What inspired you to create your fractals visually?

The experience of this fractal space is one that cannot be captured in full using any method of creation. It is ineffable, beyond all words and designs. It is a space of all encompassing feeling. But there is this incredible need to share that feeling with others. It is too wondrous and bright to hold within, so what can be expressed creatively, what parts of it can be captured must be shared. There is only so much fun you can have travelling through this space on your own. We are naturally sharing, giving creatures and we all have aspects of life to share with each other. My creations are one of the ways that i share my experience.

What scenery stirs your excitement to create?Aya Bliss - Sacred Geometry

All scenery:) Anything that you could show me stirs my excitement to create. The world is an incredible place. I am inspired by the full spectrum of what it offers up – its darkness and its light, its nature, its events, it’s people. But if I had to pick my main inspiration for creation it has to be the people, because without people in my life I wouldn’t create because there would be no one to share creation with. I create purely as a way of sharing information and visuals with others. The sharing of energy between beings. This is my joy!

If you could have an in-depth discussion with any historical figure, who?

It would have to be Timothy Leary, I even named a goanna living in our roof after him. This incredible, fearless man that once walked this earth expressing his wild ideas and beliefs as loudly as he could wherever he went. What a wonder within humanity! He had so many people against him but he walked on, following his own wave of truth. A very powerful warrior in my eyes and we share the same passions:)

Aya Bliss - Sacred GeometryHow would you describe yourself in 10 words?

A lively, loving, wild, open, joyful, fearless, expressive, passionate, worldly explorer.

How did your journey into the doofsphere begin?

It began as a retreat into the forest with the music. I had a young family to take care of and it became my time-out space. I had always been into electronic music so I began following the music around, heading to doofs whenever I felt I really needed a recharge session in the wilderness. These retreats saved my world and opened me up to a brand new space, finding so much more than what I was originally searching for. I fell in love with people through doofing and that led me to falling in love with life. It’s a pretty powerful space out there in the forest with the tribe – a space where magic happens!

What has been your favourite festival and why?Aya Bliss - Sacred Geometry

I don’t get to a lot of festivals. I’m more of a small intimate family doof creature but I will never forget Lost the Plot Festival, both times I attended. The raw energy behind that tribal festival shifted my experience of this life dramatically. It definitely raised the bar for me compared to the other festivals I’ve experienced.

What is the ringtone on your phone?

I live in the bush without mobile reception. I have an old phone for emergencies which probably has a basic telstra ringtone but I never hear it because it never rings:) I’m not much of a phone person really. I try to keep technology to a minimum in my life. I like to connect deeply with people face to face. I’m constantly fascinated and intrigued by the direct connections between people – this is what I love about life more than anything else!