DUB FX – Theory Of Harmony

With the help of many adoring fans Dub Fx has released his latest album Theory of Harmony. Utilising Pledge Music to make his dream a reality he called on fans to donate to the costs involved with independently producing/releasing/touring an album. With all the love out there he not only reached his goal but exceeded it, meaning that he can now tour and visit more streets all over the world to share his epic talent.

There is nothing to be disappointed by with this album either. The album artwork completed by CAde Anderson is stunning and fitting with the feel of the album. It has also been made available as screen bling which you can grab here. I have certainly been wiggling my way around my apartment the last couple of days to bouncy beats, smooth vocals, loving lyrics and amazing attitude.

If you haven’t already go and get a copy of this for yourself and play it loud.
iTunes | bandcamp | Google play

There is something extremely satisfying about purchasing an album before it has been created and then being blown away with what you get back when the time comes. Get out there and support local artists.