Good Note

Jayne is the founder of Good Note.
She is a professional vocalist/performer, Primary School teacher, and a specialist voice/singing teacher. Jayne has worked in Melbourne, London, and outback Australia sharing her passion for music and inspiring a younger generation of music enthusiasts. We had a quick chat about her project Good Note.

What is Good Note and how did it begin?
Good Note is a charity that supports children’s music education.
By donating practical resources such as keyboards, I hope to positively influence lives and nurture children’s musical expression. Also I hope it raises awareness within the wider community about the value and benefits of music education.

Good Note - Jayne I first donated a keyboard to a very talented young singing student I had many years ago to help provide her with something to practice with at home between lessons. Little did I know then that a decade later I would revisit the idea and it would turn into a charity!

How does Good Note provide free keyboards to young students?
I personally funded the first few rounds of keyboards for donation because I so passionately believe in the power of music to encourage and motivate young people. Now I receive donations on my My Cause fund to continue giving.

I am living proof that quality music education can provide a lifetime of joy, purpose and passion. I wish to give that to others. Jayne – Good Note Founder.

What are the criteria for keyboard recipients?
I work with music teachers to identify keyboard winners as children who exhibit a passion for music and have potential to excel in this field. We also find winners who do not currently own a piano/keyboard at home.

How can people get involved with Good Note? (Make a donation/request a keyboard?)
People can influence a young persons life by donating ANY amount towards the keyboard fund on the My Cause fund or we accept physical donations of great condition, fully working keyboards in Melbourne. Contact me via the website to arrange a donation pick up. If you’re a music teacher wishing to have your students win these prizes please get in touch via the website.

What are the plans for Good Note in the future?
I would like to add more content to the Good Note YouTube channel. This is a free way I can share music lessons with the children so that they can teach themselves music at home for free!

If you could be any musical note, which note would you be and why?
Hmmm… good question. I would have to pick a super low bass note. I love the sound of low instruments like cello, double bass and don’t forget bass vocalists!

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