Her Sound Her Story

On Thursday (23rd November) Her Sound, Her Story had it’s preview screening at the Palace Kino Cinema. An incredible narrative comprised of many faces and voices of women in the Australian music scene.

Indepentantly produced by Michelle Grace Hunder and Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore; Her Sound, Her Story is a documentary with 3 years in the making. In 2016 as part of Melbourne Music Week the Her Sound, Her Story photographic exhibition took place showcasing individuality, strength, and creativity. A one night concert featuring many of the women photographed for the series including Vera Blue, Ella Hooper, Mama Kin, Montaigne, Ecca Vandal, (and the list goes on) was also hosted as part of the project.

Throughout the journey of this project, Claudia was there filming and interviewing those involved.

Her Sound, Her Story documents these stories, experiences, wisdom, strength, and the impact that women have not just within the music industry but in society. This is a must see for EVERYone.

I personally found this film motivating and inspiring. It has left me with the encouragement to continue to try to do the things I want to. To take the journey of fighting past the negative self doubts, with the words and actions of these women leading me to fight for my right to express and create.

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