Hoop Dogg

Hoop Dogg aka Hayley Hoopla busted outta the kennel and left her paw prints all over The B.East last night.

Rachel By The StreamAll the hounds that were let loose for the night started wagging their tales on the D-Floor as Rachel By The Stream took to the stage. The electric dub duo had pooches panting with their blend of pop synth DnB dance reggae vibes.

Soon a packed in crowd watched on in awe as Miss Friby‘s magical antics filled the stage as Sia’s Chandelier pumped through the sound system. A performance that did the job of hyping the hunger for headliner Hoop Dogg!

Hoop DoggThe hoop hopping gangsta grrrl razzled and dazzled the packed out B.East. Busting out the boombox, dressed in golden gear Hoop Dogg spit bars and split hoops. Supported by some B’Girlin’, hoop hop dancing, it was a high energy and entertaining set that had the crowd hounding for more.

The Hoop Army (featuring in the Hoop Dogg theme film clip) filed out in formation for a hula hoop extravaganza before Hoop Dogg got back behind the mic.
Hoop DoggJoined on stage by Rachel By The Stream and VibeTribe (Vibraphonic Orkestra) for some funkalicious finale fun. Kudos even took to the mic to relay some funk advice.

Get yourself a copy of Hoop Dogg’s debut track here. Then you can pump the Hoop Dogg theme song through your speakers, bust out your hoop and practice your hip hop moves at home.

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