Make Me Well – Challenge Accepted

Melbourne naturopath, massage therapist, pole super star, blogger and much more Alessandra Izzo (Ally) has been challenging herself this year by taking on 30 day lifestyle changes and documenting her findings. If you have been curious about such things as the blood type diet or how 30 days of Bikram yoga can affect you, then Make Me Well is the place for you.

October has seen Ally eating  a raw diet and providing her favourite recipes to hopefully excite and encourage you to take on a challenge yourself. The updates provided by Ally offer an interesting insight into the body and mind of an active healthy person striving to be the best that she can be. I am looking forward to seeing how her journey with meditation goes during December. Definitely a huge challenge to take on in the final month of the year with all the parties and Christmas madness that goes with it. Quite possibly a fantastic time to make sure to have some peaceful clear your head moments. Good luck Ally and I look forward to reading more!

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