Obnoxious Owl to Heroine

Tammy Croucher is a woman whose words I have absorbed via virtual injection over the years. Spurting her pearls of wisdom and wealth of knowledge from her site Obnoxious Owl, she provides a place of solace for the people of the web. I am jumping with joy to have had her respond to some questions and hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

Tammy CroucherHow would you describe yourself using 5 words?

I breathe therefore I am

What excites and motivates you most about life?

The thing I find most exciting about life is that everyday is a surprise. Every single morning I greet the sun, and every night I acknowledge the moon. I am motivated by these things because I feel connected to them which must mean that we are ALL connected. I am motivated by life itself because if we are all really alone, then doesn’t that mean we are all together?

How would you spend your ideal day?Tammy Croucher

At the beach, whether alone or with all of my beloveds, from dawn till dusk

What is your life motto?

Right here. Right now.

What 3 albums would you like to have with you if stranded on an island?

  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
  • The Isley Brothers – Best Of
  • M.I.A – Kala

*EDIT – Tammy has decided that the time has come to part ways with the obnoxious owl blog. Thanks for sharing your advice over the years Tammy, it’s been fun!