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With the help of many adoring fans Dub Fx has released his latest album Theory of Harmony. Utilising Pledge Music to make his dream a reality he called on fans to donate to the costs involved with independently producing/releasing/touring an album. With all the love out there he not only reached his goal but exceeded it, meaning that he can now tour and visit more streets all over the world to share his epic talent.

Following from part one of the Winterun intervierview series started last week with Nick Dunstan it is now time to shine the spotlight on Guy Martin.

Guy Martin - Winterun
What instrument/s do you play?
Primarily the guitar, lead & rhythm.

Do you have any favourite bands or artists? How do you think they may have shaped your sound?
I think Hendrix Pink Floyd (Gilmore) & Page (Zeppelin) have always been a massive influence on my style & take the most credit for it. The blues and wailing guitar solos helped me shape it. Hammett & Dimebag were also massive influences – just ball breaking riffs and screaming solos!

Melbourne naturopath, massage therapist, pole super star, blogger and much more Alessandra Izzo (Ally) has been challenging herself this year by taking on 30 day lifestyle changes and documenting her findings. If you have been curious about such things as the blood type diet or how 30 days of Bikram yoga can affect you, then Make Me Well is the place for you.