Save the palace

The Palace Theatre has long been a part of  Melbourne and it’s beautiful history and architecture. It is sadly under threat by developers who wish to turn the site into a hotel/apartment complex. The building is located on Bourke St and has in recent years been used as one of the city’s most popular music venues catering to the 1000-2000 crowd market. It is in fact one of the only venues that caters to this size crowd and allows many bands to perform in our fair town that we like to refer to as ‘Australia’s music capital’.

With such a disgusting force threatening a beloved historic and iconic building the people of Melbourne are banding together to fight the greed and corporate nuisance which has no regard for culture, who only see dollar signs for themselves and a wish to stuff already overflowing pockets rather than nurture and support what has long been an exciting place where people gather to celebrate and appreciate beauty in the world. Music is love and love is always worth fighting for.

Upon the news the Save The Palace Committee was born and are leading the fight for what is good in the world.  A rally will be taking place on the 12th of October at 12pm.  Be sure to join the 29,833 people already liking Save The Palace Theatre – Melbourne on Facebook.

Spread the word, get behind this and let’s all come together to show just how much music means to us. #savethepalace