Sheena – Who Are You?

My amazingly supportive and talented friend Sheena, chose to kick back and have a chat with me about some of the awesome things she fills her time with in the world. These include running her own blog site along with providing children with the incredible opportunity to express and convey themselves through dance in a supportive environment.

Who is Sheena and what do you wear?

I’m someone who strongly believes in making dreams a reality. I like to think that if I want something to happen, if I work hard enough & give it my all, I can reach any goal I would like too.

I am happiest when I’m surrounded by my family. When I say “family”, I mean my friends too. I feel most at home with myself when I’m dancing & teaching. I experience rare moments where I can take a step back, look at what I’m doing & acknowledge how happy it makes me & how at home I am when I’m doing it.

I’ll wear anything that feels comfortable. I don’t care if it’s “in” or not. I have different looks to suit my mood. Sometimes I’ll run around in jeans & a t-shirt, & other times, I like to get girly & stick on a dress and heels. I like wearing things that are unique & a little different. There has to be a twist to what I wear. I can’t stand the thought of wearing things that everyone else wears. One thing is for sure. I’ll always be wearing something I feel good in.

What are the 5 tracks on your highest rotation currently?

I’m currently listening to music that was released a while ago. I do this sometimes. take a step back in time & play things that bring back memories:

  • The Black Keys – Brothers
  • The crystal Method – Legion of Boom
  • Band of Skulls – Himalayan (the only new album I’m listening to at he mo)
  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell
  • Portishead – Dummy

What motivates and inspires you to get out of bed?

I get motivated by the thought of what each day can bring. I often have a few projects on the go so all these ideas end up over crowding my thoughts which means the only way to deal with them is to put them into action. What gets me going is getting up & getting these projects moving. I like seeing what I can achieve in my working day, or what opportunities I can create & develop further. Of course I have my “down days when getting motivated feels a little harder but that’s when I turn to my friends & family. I’m lucky enough to have people around me that help get my butt moving again.

I guess you could say my loved ones motivate me as well as my work.

Rebel StepzWhat is Rebel Stepz?

Rebel Stepz is a way for me to share the Arts with everyone. It’s important to me to keep Theatre & Performance, alive. Rebel Stepz allows me to combine all my knowledge & experiences of Stage Craft, Production, Dance, & Fitness, with children, young adults, & older ones. It provides myself & my clients with opportunities to get creative, think outside of the box & challenge ourselves physically & mentally. In an age where technology is so consuming, it’s important to me to remind people that there are art forms out there that are beautiful & raw & intimate. I like educating people about that & introducing them to movement, rhythm, music, & design….the ins & outs of theatre, both on stage & behind the scenes. I hope Rebel Stepz does that for people & will continue too.

If you could travel to any time, where would you choose and why?

Ooooh, this is a hard one for me. The romantic Sheena will automatically pick the royal courts of France in 1770. The days of Marie Antoinette. It was a time of such decadence. Things seemed so beautiful back then. The furniture, the clothes, the way people held themselves. I have this image (which I’m sure is wrong) of champagne, chandeliers, satin ball gowns, corsets, dancing.

The real Sheena though would probably pick the 70’s. Either London or New York. It was an epic era for music, & it’s all the music I absolutely love. To go back to that time & watch bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones (in their hay day), The Ramones, , The Doors, The Kinks…..ahh the list goes on & on. I also LOVED the fashion too. So eccentric, totally unique. It seemed like such a cool, fun, colourful time. I would totally have been that hippy chick at every festival, losing herself in it all!