Tarryn Louise Photography

I have a fascination with photographers and sharing the world viewed through the eyes of others. Tarryn Louise has an incredible eye and it is her work with tones and light that excites me the most.

What was it about photography that caught your eye?

danceThe thing that caught my eye was that photography is the one thing in this life that can freeze a moment in time, something that will live on forever.

How would you describe your artistic style?

As ever evolving; I’m constantly growing as a photographer and a person, therefore the situation of what I am shooting or the connection I am sharing with a person will always bring out different artistic creativity.

What inspires you everyday? Alisa

My desire to reach my full potential and delve into the depths of my full creativity.

Your current top 5 played albums?

My current top five albums are some oldies… But I’m a sucker for the 80s.

  • Kiss MTV unplugged
  • Bon jovi- these days
  • Def leopard- greatest hits
  • Tys – The mixtape 2014
  • Prince – The hits

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Passionate emotional sensitive