The many faces of Adele

The sensational Adele is Adelaide Everheart. A burlesque performer with a witty nerdgasm inducing dry witted sense of humour. Her passion for the creative arts is admirable and extensive. I am honoured to have had the pleasure of experiencing Adele’s skills as a Go-Go dance instructor and value her expertise.

Who is Adelaide Everheart?

She is an extension of me really. I have a stage name, mostly for privacy reasons. It was the done thing (and still is) when I was getting serious about being a burlesque artist. I actually started with another name, Ruby Sunday, who was a very strong character. A grumpy, foul mouthed, disillusioned, alcoholic French woman. But when I came up with her, I was only 22, and I felt that I didn’t have the age to really pull her off well. She was also such a strong character, that I didn’t give myself enough scope for variety acts. I’m an actor and a singer, I’m funny and I love being a big dag and making a fool of myself, so Ruby wasn’t quite right for that.

adelaide everheartI decided on the name Adelaide because it is very close to my real name. I’ve always had a thing about being called by my real name when I’m off stage. Maybe it’s because of my theatre background, but I’m not acting when I’m off stage, so why would I go by my stage name. Its common practice in the burlesque world to only refer to each other by our stage names (It’s a privacy thing, harking back to the days when being a burlesque dancer was synonymous with being a stripper) By choosing a name that is essentially my real name, I avoid confusing myself.

What are the biggest differences between Adelaide and Adele?
I don’t think there are that many to be honest. From an acting perspective, your character is just a heightened version of yourself. You take certain characteristics of your own personality and then you enhance them on the stage. I’m a very enthusiastic fan of nerd and pop culture, so I channel that into my routines, and they are almost manic in energy and obsession that boils over and becomes downright ridiculous. I come close in real life, but not quite. I’ve got a very dry sense of humour, so when I’m MCing and telling jokes, I pretty much deliver everything as deadpan as possible. You know that old saying “Use what you’ve got.” That’s it really. Identify what other people find entertaining about you, and then use that in the best way you can.

What is The Butterfly Club and how did you become involved?

The Butterfly Club is a Cabaret venue in the middle of the CBD. It has been running for 14 years, is an independent Arts Business, is the premier venue for cabaret in Victoria, if not Australia and has the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest collection of kitsch. Also, some award winning cocktails.
Every week they have a new line up of show. Most are completely new works meaning that the Butterfly Club produces up to 600 new works per year. There is no other theatre that supports new artists and new concepts on this kind of scale.

When I was doing my Musical Theatre course at the Victorian College of the Arts, one of the components was a Cabaret short course. adelaide everheartWe all had to write and perform a 20 minute cabaret. The performances were at the Butterfly Club and that is when I first discovered it.A year later, I had my 21st birthday party there and fell in love with one of the bar tenders. It’s been 6 years and he is now the Artistic Director and part owner of the club and we’ve been married for 2 and a half years. Whenever I tell the story, I’m always surprised at how romantic it sounds. We’re not really the romantic type. We are best friends, and excellent partners. We do good work together, and I hope that I am supportive of him in his role. I really think he and the club have excellent potential to do amazing things within the Arts in Melbourne. At least he knows that I’m happy to sit around at the bar with a glass of wine and see shows until he is finished work. It’s more than our home away from home. It IS our home. We are there more often than the house that we sleep in! The staff have all been there forever and we are more like a family than employers and employees. We socialised together, we help each other move house and celebrate milestones. I’ve never known any other hospitality venue where the staff come in on their nights off to relax, or even have their birthdays there.

This atmosphere makes it exceptionally special for all performers and patrons that come through our doors. All the staff come from an arts background and have utmost respect for performers and will go out of their way to make the performers feel welcome and valued. The relaxed friendliness also extends a welcome to all guests as well. The staff are more than happy to chat with everyone, explain things about the club and tell anecdotes. We all love having a joke with patrons while we make their drinks for them.
It is a truly unique venue and I really hope that everyone gets to experience it at least once in their lives!

Your top 3 ‘pump up the mood’ tracks?

  • ‘Let it go’ from Frozen
  • ‘Let’s get it started’ – Black Eyed Peas
  • ‘You drive me crazy’ – Britney Spears

(That’s just the list this week. It changes)

If you could have 5 people alive or dead to a dinner party, who are you inviting?

  • Germaine Greer – To stir up debate and talk about the birth of feminism
  • Gough Whitlam – To talk politics
  • Ian McKellan – To talk theatre and to be Gandalf
  • Emma Watson – To talk feminism in our times, and be Hermione Granger
  • Tom Hiddleston – To be eye candy and quote Shakespeare