The Town 2017

Where Brigadoon only appears once every 100 years, fortunately The Town has appeared around the same time for it’s 3rd time in as many. The biggest controversy this year at The Town was the elections for suburb Mayor (that was dubbed “rigged” by many) which served as a distraction for the townsfolk. It was a decoy to convince town residents that they had more power in the town. Instead it was being taken away through sponsorship of The Town by Mine Full. The corporate buzz had stung the local townsfolk and they were calling for a revolution.

The Town 2017After an announcement on Saturday promising “opportunities for growth”, all I saw was a person asleep in CentredLink by Sunday morning. The stage casted an evolving shadow over the town as the weekend progressed. Advertisements were popping up in places unknown in the town’s history. Product placement in DJ sets appeared in record numbers promoting the likes of Chico Rolls and VB.

The Town 2017These commercialised corporate shenanigans did little to infiltrate the beautiful townsfolk from their fun. Games were played, friends were made, and smiles filled faces. The Town is a magical theatrical wonderland. The attention to detail is incredibly epic on such a stage. Really, the stage detail is evolutionary. (In a not so distant Town past the stage was once a flat bed truck.)

The Town 2017It is impossible to get around and see everything at such an event but whatever path you walk you’re bound to be dazzled. Thanks Culture Jam for facilitating, constructing, believing, and existing in a world where this is life, love, and possible!