A Brief Breakdown of ‘The Time Travel Party’

The massive space in time between posts on this site can be explained quite easily. At the end of 2014 I accidently fell into a space and time transferring wormhole that had me land at Rubix Warehouse in March 2017. Good thing too as Culture Jam were hosting a Time Traveller Party!
So what may appear to some as a lapse in time of activity on this site it is a mere illusion.

Trickbox -Cuture Jam's Time Travel PartyLast Saturday night however was another tremendously fun night with dancing a plenty.
I entered the venue and approached the bar to find a glorious remix of the Back To The Future theme fill the air. Doc Emmett Brown (Erik Parker) was on the stage and continued to provide some fun funky arse tunes to boogie on down to. Some early time travellers started to fill the room and were looking to have a good time!

The host of the night looped and wormholed through the soundsystem as Trickbox took to the stage and played. An epic stage setup of clocks and cogs visually stimulating as aural sensations tingled sensory endings that triggered feet to tap and bodies to bounce.

Wonqi Rose - Cuture Jam's Time Travel PartyAs always Wonqi Rose bought the badass bass beats with Miss Money Toast roasting the mic. A sweaty sensational set that had my time travelling body dancing all over the place.

Mr.Bill and with live percussion from Hutch and poi performance from The Prince of Poi. Epic, epic, dance sesh. The bounce, the beats, the sweat running down my back! Extreme gratitude to the lovely people in the crowd that had spray bottles and helped to cool me off at one point. Live percussion with electronic beats just makes me happy.

As this was all going on in the main room the front room was playing host to something else.
Tom Cosm had set up an interactive jam station that had many party dwellers jamming, beating, tweaking, turning, producing to their hearts content.

Back to the main room where Smilk kept the bodies moving and the dance floor warm before Dinobitch got on the stage to close the night.

As always Culture Jam brought the goods and set up for an epic party that time travellers will revel in for years to come. They are probably just constantly travelling back to March 4th 2017 over and over and over again to relive and experience the night in its entirety without missing a thing.