Tys – Better Than Most

The incredibly talented and amazing being Tys, was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions for me. I have known this dude for a few years now and remember driving him round in my car, listening to him sing along to his own tracks and I am stoked to see the man he has become and wish him all the best in all he will endeavor. Please check out his stuff and support the local music scene that makes Melbourne the wonderful diverse place I love to call home.

02Who is Tys and what is your story?

Mmmmm tough question.. I was a troubled and abused child, very lost within myself, but had a good heart. I spent my life misunderstood and never accepted. I’ve had a pretty crazy journey, and have been lucky enough to have some great people with incredible depth help me find myself. I guess I’d say I just wanna help the lost kids out there find themselves a little easier by making music with a good message.

How have you managed to continue to keep your motivation for making music and what have been the biggest challenges you have faced?

The motivation in writing? Well, I draw from my life experiences mostly or what has been on my mind; like world issues or just friends, situations and that… But I always write with a purpose.. A message or just to test myself in areas I’m not comfortable with! My motivation is always there, I brainstorm ideas on a song until I start to see it in front of me, I let a greater force write through me I never force it but always fine tune the result!

Which 3 people (dead or alive) would you choose to hang with for a night?

That question has two answers; it would depend whether, hypothetically, the people would appreciate my company and would treat me as an equal? If so.. I would love to meet Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tupac Shakur, and Tom Hardy. If not on those terms, I’d say I already spend my time with the right people!

01If you could choose any actor to play you in a movie of your life, who is your pick?

I’m not sure! I’d love it to be someone unknown whom surprises everyone!

What is the best advice that you have ever received and how have you put it into action?

“If you can’t help yourself, then how can you help someone else!”

I’ve gotten off drugs, stopped cheating on my girlfriend, stopped lying to myself. Learnt to understand my demons, sought help for my childhood issues. I am taking honest steps to be a better person by being aware of my ego and what negative things it desires!

Check out the latest track from Tys – “You and I”

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