UltraFunktion – DJing the doofsphere

With years of DJ experience in the doof scene, Craig is a creator of crowd pumping sets that gets your whole body wiggling and wanting more. He is one half of the Dream Cartel power duo specialising in sun lifting melodies..

When did you start DJing and who/what were your early influences?Craig UltraFunktion Healy
I had my fist set at 3d nightclub 2005 under the name “wiggum”

What does your DJ/Production setup consist of?
I use Tractor pro software with a Pioneer ddj-sb midi controller to DJ, and I write music with Ableton software.

Tell us about your favourite set you have played?
One of my favourite sets to play was a Dream Cartel set with Adam Bishop at Ananda 4, was late in the day but the set was so tight and it had an amazing reaction from the people there, some absolute amazing track to boot.

What is your criteria when choosing tracks to spin?
I would have to say, solid groove, eclectic percussion arrangements, real feel of atmosphere, and how it fares on repeat listening.

What was the first record you bought?Dream Cartel
The first record I ever bought was Coolio- Ganstas Paradise

The top 5 tracks you are currently listening to are?
My top five at the moment are:

  • Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix) by Mano Le Tough
  • Jonk (Original Mix) by Alli Borem
  • Macumba In Argentina (Original Mix) by Andre Bastos
  • Hands to hold – by bob moses
  • Connections(Marcus Meinhardt Mix) by Uone

What is your ringtone?