Water Borne

Sensational seamstress Jane is unleashing her loves on the world with the creation of Water Borne. If you are a fan of custom clothes, one off pieces and up-cycling of materials, keep your eyes out. I am happily the owner of one of her pieces and look forward to my wardrobe bursting at the seams with more soon.

water borne creations


What is Water Borne and where did it begin?

Water Borne (Creations) is my clothing label. I also make accessories and a small line of jewellery. Every garment is hand dyed, up-cycled or an original creation. Sometimes all 3! Technically I’m only just starting up and registering my business name etc right now, but I chose my name and started using it in April this year

What are the biggest inspirations in life that lead your creations?
A huge driving force for me is sustainability and wearability – Australia is a supremely wasteful country and I have gotten really into recycling and upcycling several years ago through running outdoor events and making decor, toilet structures etc out of as much recycled/upcycled materials as possible. Why shouldn’t those principles apply to clothes?

water borne creationsSecondly, I float somewhere between a size 14-16 and haven’t found a lot of really cool, handmade and unique clothing out there – Water Borne run in sizes from XS through to XXXL.

What are the top 3 albums that you will listen to from start to end?
Hmmmm. That’s a tricky one!

  • Raja Ram – Stashbag 4
  • Queen – Greatest Hits
  • Infected Mushroom – Classical Mushroom

If you had to take 5 items that you could carry on you and leave all else behind, what would you choose?
My 5 items would be 1) a medium sized microfibre towel 2) my passport 3) birkenstocks 4) my sewing machine 5) my grandmothers ring – it never leaves my finger, but I wouldn’t be without it

Where do you see Water Borne heading in the next 6 months?water borne creations
In 6 months time I aim to be running Water Borne self sufficiently – I’m currently stocked by The Pixie Collective and will have an Etsy store online shortly. I hope to increase the amount of custom work I’m doing as well – I absolutely adore making one off designs, to fit, collaboratively with clients. I have some markets coming up as well, so really just having the awesomeness of Water Borne more widely known in Melbourne

I have a side project as well – WWGMD (What Would George Michael Do) and it is all about my love affair with costuming. Currently working on custom Burning Man orders and having an absolute ball with it.