Winterun Interview – Part Four with Matty Taylor

Be sure to rock on down to Cherry Bar on the 31st of January 2014 for the album launch to kick the year along nicely. Winterun bassist Matty Taylor chatted for a bit in the final countdown for the latest self titled release.

MAtty Taylor - Winterun
What instrument/s do you play?
I play bass guitar and backing vocals.

How would you describe the band’s sound?
Riff-driven stoner rock. Some bands don’t like the ‘stoner rock’ tag but hey, I calls it like I sees it.

Any favourite bands you have shared the stage with over the years?
Man we’ve managed to play alongside some incredible artists over the years. I’m a big fan of metal so some of my personal faves have to include King Parrot, Blood Duster, Frankenbok, Dreadnaught and Circles. Just a massive list of amazing and prolific bands that are still kicking all manner of arse both here and internationally.

After ten years in a band together how do you keep it interesting?
Well I’ve actually only been in the band since 2008 so about half of that time. I think the key ingredient is mateship. We’re all really good mates; Nick and Guy have known each other since high school and Joey and myself have known each other going on about 16 years now so that definitely helps. We are all on the same page so there really is nothing to it. We love riffs and playing live music. It also helps that we all enjoy a beer too.

Anything you might be able to share about the new self-titled album?
It’s going to be a cracker! There are tracks on there that have been stalwarts of our live set for years so it’s nice to finally release them in a polished format. I’m also very privileged to be creating the album artwork so I’m super keen for people to see some of my art on the album and t-shirts.

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