Winterun Interview – Part Two with Guy Martin

Following from part one of the Winterun intervierview series started last week with Nick Dunstan it is now time to shine the spotlight on Guy Martin.

Guy Martin - Winterun
What instrument/s do you play?
Primarily the guitar, lead & rhythm.

Do you have any favourite bands or artists? How do you think they may have shaped your sound?
I think Hendrix Pink Floyd (Gilmore) & Page (Zeppelin) have always been a massive influence on my style & take the most credit for it. The blues and wailing guitar solos helped me shape it. Hammett & Dimebag were also massive influences – just ball breaking riffs and screaming solos!

How does the writing process work in the band?
Usually one us will jam on a riff which comes quite freely then we work out the other parts if need be. It’s always been like that, nice and simple. Lyrics & melodies are usually the final process.

Drink of choice?
Beers… usually West Coast styles; big pungent IPA’s with heaps of hops!

Anything you might be able to share about the new self-titled album?
It’s been a long process and can’t wait to get it out there. I’m sure our true fans will be just as excited as us. It’s loud, heavy, and probably the best representation of us as a band right now

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